The Theatre Show

The Theatre Show, 22 March 2012

On this week's Theatre Show, we have no fewer than three interviews with people from very different parts of the theatre industry:

Oliver Saville is playing musician Peter Tork in the major new stage show based on the songs of 60s band The Monkees, Monkee Business—after just returning from a European tour in Mamma Mia—which opens at the Opera House in Manchester shortly before a UK tour and a possible West End run.

Claire Bibby is a producer with Baroque Theatre from Norwich, a company currently in the midst of its biggest ever tour with Charles Dickens's Great Expectations which will soon visit Congleton and Stockport and has Dickens's great great grandson as the production advisor.

Plus Martin Pritchard talks about an amateur production of The Crucible by Arthur Miller that he has directed which is currently running at Stockport Garrick.